The reason for our visit

At nine o’clock in the evening on the sixth of April 1985, Jeremy was sitting at a seder table while the women cleaned up the remains of the dinner. Suddenly diverging from their conversation, Jeremy’s grandfather mentioned that his brother had a first marriage mostly unknown to the family. Jeremy had grown up knowing his great-uncle’s second wife, but this revelation was news and launched Jeremy on a genealogical quest.

Over the ensuing years Jeremy established that his great-uncle and his first wife had a daughter, but failed to find her. In June 2014 he had a breakthrough and was finally able to find the family. The daughter, Leatrice had met and married a Nigerian engineering student, and had gone with him back to his home country where they raised a family. Several years ago some of their children moved to Wales and England, and Leatrice and her husband Charles later immigrated as well.

We went to London for a family reunion and here are the photos.
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Reunion 2 Reunion 3 Reunion 4