A good quote

Ben Bradlee was executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991. During an interview with Tom Lehrer (broadcast on NPR) Ben said:

“… it changes your life, the pursuit of truth. And at least, if you know that you have tried to find the truth and gone past the first apparent truth towards the
real truth, it’s very exciting.”

That’s what we think about genealogical research.


Jewish Museum of the American West

Frankel & Fisch are pleased to announce their association with the virtual Jewish Museum of the American West.

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Comprised of virtual “Exhibition Halls,” JMAW has developed this online resource to educate and inform the public about the contributions made by Jewish settlers of the western United States.

Please visit the site at:


Frankel & Fisch does it again!

Our latest success was solving the mystery of a young woman from Wales. In love with an older married gentleman, her real name was uncertain. Did the couple ever marry and how did her brief, tragic life end? Our client was thrilled when our research revealed data that answered his questions and opened a portal into the story of his grandmother’s life.

We are in the business of finding the past and preserving it for the future. Whether it is discovering a client’s unknown grandfather so that his Hebrew name could be inscribed on his daughter’s headstone, or compiling a vast trove of family documents into an accessible format, we are up for the challenge of uncovering what may have been hidden, or unraveling the tangled strands of oft-told family tales.


January 27, 2013
Jewish Historical Society of Napa Valley
“Introduction to Jewish Genealogy”*

February 3, 2013
Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento
in cooperation with Congregation Bet Haverim, Davis
“Introduction to Jewish Genealogy”

February 17, 2013
Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento
meeting at Einstein Residence Center
“Doings in the Cemetery”*

March 25, 2013
Oakmont Genealogy Club, Santa Rosa
“Introduction to Jewish Genealogy”


“Introduction to Jewish Genealogy”

This lecture presents an overview of Jewish emigration to the Western Hemisphere, basic investigative methodology, assembling documentation, online resources, and use of digital technology for maximum efficiency and preservation of original documents. Whether you are beginner or experienced researcher, this talk will address the most up-to-date methods of finding and preserving the history of your family for future generations.

“Doings in the Cemetery”

was the heading for an entry in the trustees’ 1856 minutes book of Sherith Israel, San Francisco. Join us as we explore traditional headstone symbolism as found in Jewish cemeteries in California, New York, London, France, and Italy. Learn how to decipher the basic elements of headstone inscriptions and find clues to the history of your family in the cemetery.


L’shanah tovah!

We wish you and your family peace, happiness, health, and prosperity in the new year.


Stained glass image from an unknown family vault, Jewish section, Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France. Copyright 2012 Jeremy Frankel.