Like a detective, Jeremy Frankel is able to put the clues together
to create a complete story and several times his work has altered the
focus of my research. Victoria Fisch has assisted me with research
and I consider her to be a meticulous reporter. I would not hesitate
to recommend Frankel & Fisch.

Ava F. Kahn Ph.D., Author
California Jews, Jewish Life in the American West
Jewish Voices of the California Gold Rush: A Documentary History 1849-1880
Jews of the Pacific
Coast: Reinventing a Community on America’s Edge

Time and again I have employed Jeremy Frankel’s assistance, and
he has never failed to respond with useful data and good humor.

Fred Rosenbaum, Author
Cosmopolitans: A Social and Cultural History of the Jews of the San Francisco Bay Area
Visions of Reform: Congregation Emanu-El and the Jews of San Francisco 1849-1999

Although much has been published about Alcatraz, the information
I sought was not readily available when I began research for my book.
I was fortunate to find Jeremy Frankel and thankful for his knowledge
and the wealth of data he uncovered. His professional input proved
to be invaluable.

A.G. Sevinga, Author
The Good Men on the Rock

Victoria Fisch has achieved some crucial breakthroughs in tracing my
family, which in a decade of genealogical exploration I had not made
although I was involved in academic research for many years. She is
a diligent researcher whom I highly recommend.

Dr. Arnold Chamove  New Zealand

Western States Jewish History is the primary publication documenting
Jewish migration to the western United States and the Pacific Rim. As
northern California editor, Victoria Fisch works with authors to solicit
articles and contributes articles based upon her own research that are
graceful and well written. Victoria is a pleasure to work with and a
valued member of our team. 

David Epstein, Editor and Publisher
Western State Jewish History